Smart Address
@3216 KING TRACKS 60
@Block | Superblock | Blocklet
Giza, Egypt
City +FIVE
💡 Every place on Earth has a smart address!


Existing addresses are a logistical nightmare around the world[]. Billions of people don't have an address. Many countries do not have a formal addressing standard[]. This is making the last-mile problem even more challenging.
Hard-to-find addresses
in the US[]
People without addresses
Places without addresses
on Earth*
💡 Bad addresses cost us 200 billion dollars, directly & indirectly, every year.


We are giving all-new addresses to every meter on Earth to fix global addressing problems! People and businesses can use smart addresses for hassle-free e-commerce, rideshares, and even drone deliveries.

💡 There are more smart addresses on the Earth than there are stars in our galaxy!


Smart addresses are all-new addresses to every meter on Earth. You can get an instant smart address to your front door, backyard, or just about any place on Earth! Smart addresses are accurate to the last-meter and most importantly, they look, act & even behave like street addresses. In fact, nearby smart addresses are not only similar but also predictable!

Smart Address
@7215 BIG CASTLE 20
Paris, France
💡 The @ (at) symbol helps identify smart addresses easily.


Smart addresses are for everyone. If you don't have an address, you can get an instant address. If you have a complex, confusing address, you can get a simpler & more accurate address. And, you can use them to meet people or customers.
🗣 Communicate
any location
👋 🏕
🚖 📦
rideshares, deliveries
🚑 🏦
📬 🗳
Access public
❝Without an address, you have no access to credit or bank accounts, a pension or voting rights. And, large parts of the world popluation still live off the map. Smart addresses can change that INSTANTLY.


Smart addresses are designed to augment existing addresses - not replace them. This is why smart addresses are designed to look like existing addresses.
❝ Our traditional addresses, some dating as far back as the 16th century, can never be replaced. But, they must be augmented to meet the 21st century demands. And, smart addresses do just that!


There are numerous solutions out there today including one from Google. But, unlike others, smart addresses are designed to be simple, intuitive, and human-friendly - anywhere on the planet!

Geocode Addresses to the Eiffel Tower: 48.8583, 2.2944 degrees
Geocoding Scheme Location Identifier
Smart Address
🎨 Customized?
@7215 BIG CASTLE 20
Paris, France[]
Smart Address
🇫🇷 In French?
Paris, France[]
What3words[] ///prices.slippery.traps[]
Google Plus Code[] V75V+8Q
Paris, France[]

💡 In addition to their simplicity, nearby smart addresses are similar. They are also customizable, localizable, and even navigable without a GPS. They work offline too - no hashes or databases required!


Smart addresses offer many unique advantages over existing solutions. The biggest advantage by far is that smart addresses look like, act like, and even behave like real addresses.

💡 You can easily navigate from A to B because smart addresses are highly intuitive!

Continue reading to find out more!
  1. 💯 Two in One!
    Smart addresses combine the best of both worlds. On the surface, a smart address looks like a simple street address. But, under the hood, it is nothing but a geocode.

    Smart Address Breakdown
    @7215 BRONZE CASTLE 20
    PARIS +25U53
    (10x10 blocklets =
    1 Block)
    (80x80 blocks =
    1 Superblock)
    (20x20 superblocks =
    1 Megablock)
    (480x240 megablocks =
    Entire world)
    💡 The megablock codes, aka +FIVEs, are optional but recommended for guaranteed accuracy. The nested geocodes are computed using a simple rule of "start at southwest corner, go east & then north". Only the first letters, e.g., B & C, of the 4-km superblock are the actual geocodes. And so, BIG CASTLE, BLUE CAMP, BRONZE CASTLE, etc. are all considered equivalent.
  2. 📍 AtCodes
    An atCode is just a condensed smart address in alphanumeric form. AtCodes are last-meter-friendly global location codes. And so, they can be used as global zip/pin codes!

    @7215 BRONZE CASTLE 20
    PARIS +25U53
    A smart address
    Corresponding atCode
    💡 AtCodes get you to the last meter anywhere on Earth! You can further shorten them to codes such as @7215, @7215BC, etc. You can augment traditional addresses with atCodes to modernize & optimize logistics planning.
  3. 📌 Last-meter Fix
    Smart addresses accurately pinpoint locations down to the last 5 meters anywhere on Earth similar to your smartphone GPS[]. And, they also support more precision if desired.

    💡 The 5-meter precision is often enough to locate houses, buildings, landmarks, etc. Smart addresses can also make use of apartment, unit, suite numbers, etc. for improved accuracy or vertical resolution.
  4. 🌍 Global Area Codes
    The megablock identifiers, aka +FIVE codes, act like global area codes. They are similar to postal codes for unaddressed places. And, they follow a simple 5-character format of +DDADD worldwide. You can use just the first line of a smart address, aka megablock handle, as a local address within your +FIVE area.
    💡 San Francisco's megablock is about 10 times the size of the entire city (see above). Therefore, the whole city has just one +FIVE code. And, so do most cities. Often, many of the top-10[] megacities in the world have no more than four. The first two digits of the +FIVEs are the longitude bands. And, the middle letters are the latitude bands.
  5. ✍️ Flexible
    Smart addresses can be localized to various country-specific address formats[] and even local languages. Currently, US, France, Germany, India, and Spain address formats are supported.
    Smart Address Format
    for the US
    @1234 SUPER BLOCK 56
    Smart Address Format
    for France
    @1234 SUPER BLOCK 56
    Smart Address Format
    for Spain
    @SUPER BLOCK, 1234, 56

    💡 Blocklet numbers (e.g., 56) and the +FIVEs are optional but recommended for guaranteed accuracy. Smart addresses work in disputed territories too. The special symbols @ and + help computers and humans identify smart addresses.
  6. 🧩 Interoperable
    Smart addresses are designed to coexist with real addresses - not replace them. And so, you can use apartment, unit, or suite numbers if available. In fact, you can even use existing zip/pin/postal codes for interoperability.

    🇺🇸 US-interoperable
    Smart Address Format
    @1234 SUPER BLOCK APT 101
    City State ZIP

    💡 Smart addresses can be made interoperable with APO, DPO, & FPO mailing addresses too.[]
  7. 🎨 Customizable
    Each smart address can be customized in million+ ways. Customized addresses can convey local address formats, languages, physical, historical, cultural attributes of places, people, countries, and even your own personal touch. All you have to do is just keep the first letters of the superblock names unchanged.

    Equivalent Smart Addresses to the Eiffel Tower
    🗣 A french-localized
    smart address
    @7215 BEAU CHÂTEAU 20
    Paris, France[]
    🎨 A landmark-customized
    smart address
    @7215 BIG CASTLE 20
    Paris, France
    👤 A user-personalized
    smart address
    @7215 BRAAVOS CORNER 20
    Paris, France[]
    💡 Say, your default megablock handle is @101 ICE TRACKS 3. Then, you can personalize it as
    @101 IRON THRONE 3[], @101 INIESTA TURF 3[], or in million+ ways with letters I & T to add your own personal touch.
  8. 🅴 Error Checking
    Smart addresses have built-in error checking just like credit cards. Each smart address comes with an E-sign, aka Emoji sign, to help catch human errors. For example, the Eiffel Tower 🅴-sign is a tennis ball.

    🅴-signs help avoid accidental map navigation errors.

    💡 If you accidentally enter a wrong smart address, its E-sign will be different. So, be sure to verify that the E-signs match so you don't accidentally end up at wrong locations[].
  9. 🦾 Resilient
    Smart addresses tolerate incorrect/missing components. For instance, they work just fine without town/city names. In fact, they work even without the other components too but with reduced precision.
    Without town/city
    @7215 BRONZE CASTLE 20
    ✔️ Still works globally with 5 m precision.
    Without blocklet #
    PARIS +25U53
    ✔️ Works globally with 50 m precision.
    Without block #
    PARIS +25U53
    ✔️ Works globally with 4 km precision.
    Without first line
    PARIS +25U53
    ✔️ Works globally with 80 km precision.
    💡 In fact, just @7215 BRONZE CASTLE 20 also works with 5-meter precision but only locally within the same +FIVE area. The town/city name in a smart address is optional but recommended for redundancy to recover from +FIVE errors.
  10. ï¼  Personalized One-liners
    The first line of a smart address works as a local address within your megablock. For instance, @101 GOLD FALL 51 or any personalized equivalent, can give you 5-meter fix in single-megablock cities such as New York City, Tokyo, Melbourne, etc. And, you can even use just @101 GOLD FALL (without the blocklet) for 50-meter fix!

    A megablock handle gives you a 5-meter location fix anywhere within your megablock!

    💡 There are 64M unique handles covering one single megablock. The handles are reused in neighboring megablocks. But you can personalize them in million+ ways to your liking. You can use the megablock handles pointing to your apartment gate, beach, park, etc. for hosting events, meetups, pizza delivery, Instacart, GrubHub, Uber, or other local services. Just add your +FIVE to convert your local handle to a global address!
  11. ⬅️ Future-proof
    Ignoring the plate tectonic effects[], smart addresses are future-proof for centuries. Because they are geocodes, smart addresses point to the same locations despite town/city/locality name changes[] or zip/pin/postal code changes[]. Now, that's a win-win for postal offices, municipalities, businesses, and you.

    @1042 NEW HILL 95
    Waterloo +11S09
    A smart address
    with old city name
    @1042 NEW HILL 95
    Austin +11S09
    A smart address
    with new city name
    The two smart addresses above point to one and the same location in the city of Austin that was once known as Waterloo - no database updates required!

    💡 Plate tectonics: Australia moves at a brisk pace of 2.7 inches northward every year while North America moves at 1 inch per year. So, a smart address will have an "off-by-one" (i.e, 5 m) error after 75 years in Australia and 200 years in the US.
  12. 🕙 What time is it?
    Smart addresses encode not only space but also time. And so, you can even estimate the time difference between any two addresses just from the first two digits of the +FIVEs (i.e., the longitude bands). For example,


    💡 The actual time difference between Paris and San Francisco is 9 hours.
  13. 🌐 Offline-friendly
    Smart addresses work offline. There are no complex hashes or closed database lookups. All you need are just your GPS coordinates and a calculator.

    💡 You can even encode & decode smart addresses with just pen and paper.
  14. 🦺 Search & Rescue
    Smart addresses will be helpful for search & rescue operations too. For example, signage, markers, and offline/printed maps can be made available in unaddressed places such as national parks, trails, off-trails, etc., to help people in emergencies.

    A fictitious trailhead post displaying a smart address

    💡 You can use our app offline too. Just make sure it's in your browser cache.
  15. 📦 Worldwide Deliverability
    Smart addresses are self-verifiable, backward compatible, and unambiguously accurate to the last meter anywhere. And so, e-commerce, postal, and shipping companies can unlock the underserved global market of 1B+ people that have no formal addresses currently.

    💡 Businesses can save on costs associated with Address Information System (AIS) products[] since smart addresses are standardized globally and can be verified easily.
  16. 🚀 Space Addresses
    Smart addresses can be used not only on Earth but also Moon, Mars, and beyond. And so, would we ever get to use them for sending space packages to friends/family out in future space colonies one day? Guess that's our vision!

    Apollo 11 landing site[]
    @317 MOOSE TRACKS 96
    Tranquility Base, Moon +28N01

    Curiosity landing site[]
    @5009 FAIRY ROCKS 10
    Gale Crater, Mars +43M33
    💡 Here, the latitude bands identifiers (i.e., middle letters of the +FIVEs) are N and M, respectively. The N-band is located just north of the equator while the M-band is just south of it. In other words, the two landing sites are near the respective equators.


Our addressing solution is available for everyone. Developers, businesses, postal offices, organizations, and governments worldwide can start using smart addresses simply by connecting to our API solution. Get your API key today!
👤 Everyone
👩🏻‍💻 Developers
🏢 Businesses
📬 Postal Offices
🏛 Governments
💡 Everyone on the planet will benefit from smart addresses whether it's for smoother meet-n-greets, ride-shares, food-deliveries, or accessing life-saving emergency services, etc. in unaddressed or hard-to-find places.


Yes, we do! Use smart address API to power your location-based products, platforms & services. And, deliver your products or services to your customer's exact location anywhere!



Sekhar Chandra
Technical Founder

As a father of a 3-year-old daughter, Sekhar was deeply moved by the story of a father who accidentally ran over his own daughter while backing out of their driveway. When they called 911, they couldn't give their address because they don't have one in rural Utah, USA. Thankfully, the child survived the incident with no serious injuries. With smart addresses, we hope we can make a difference when it comes to communicating locations.[]


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